Watch The Grisly Trailer For The Midseason Premiere Of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

When last we left Fear the Walking Dead, everything was a mess. Celia’s estate was on fire; Daniel had been left for dead; Madison, Alycia and Strand were fleeing in a pick-up truck; Travis was staying behind with his psychopath of a son, Chris; and Nick had inexplicably decided to go live with the zombies, which may or may not have had something to do with drugs. It was a baffling midseason finale, although showrunner Dave Erickson at least could sympathize with viewer frustrations.

Up until the midseason finale, Fear the Walking Dead had shown much improvement over the first season. Nick and Alycia had grown as characters; Chris was more interesting as a psychopath than as a moping, emo teenager; and Travis had shown signs of a spine. Hopefully, the back half will make Madison more three dimensional, and finally give Ophelia something to do now that her father, Daniel, is not a part of the equation (at least for now).

With the back eight episodes of the second season, Dave Erickson will have a chance to reset. The cast separated from one another, so the series will have an opportunity to focus more on individual characters, at least until they link back up again. However, they won’t have a home base to go back to without the yacht or Celia’s estate. Hopefully, the series will also bring back a few characters and tie up some loose ends from the front half of season two.

It looks as though the back half will also bring the Fear characters into Mexico, where they’ll have to contend with more infected, people falling from skyscrapers, and more death as Madison continues her search for Nick.

Fear the Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday, August 21.

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