A Second ‘Walking Dead’ Star Has Been Bitten By Fans Because That’s A Thing Now Apparently

We know how the zombie apocalypse starts: a single incident of someone getting bit slowly blossoms to a second and then next thing you know you’ve got a full on walker plague spreading across America! So color me worried now that we have confirmation that a second – yes a second – Walking Dead cast member has been bitten by fans.

Back in December, Norman Reedus (who plays sexy dirtbag Daryl Dixon on the show) got bitten by a fan at a zombie convention. (Yes, zombie conventions are a thing. What a time to be alive!). Norman responded with a pretty even keeled “Please don’t bite me” request on Instagram.

Now Tyler James Williams, who played the very unfortunate Noah on the show, has also been bitten.

“I got bit one time,” Williams told TV Guide. “I think it was like ‘Haha! A joke!’ But it wasn’t funny. The last show I did, I was kind of ripped apart. So I think they thought it would be fun to reenact it, maybe. I just did not see it coming. They went in for a hug and bit me on the shoulder. It’s was like ‘Haaaa!'”

“That’s a thing that most people learn is you don’t bite. Like people say ‘Oh, I don’t bite.’ But they do. So y’know, just keep your teeth to yourself. That would be wonderful.”

It would be wonderful, but if Vegas bookies were on the case I think they’d set the odds on more Walking Dead cast members getting bit. The only hope the stars of the show have is if the fad becomes so overdone that fans start getting more original with their creepy show ‘tributes.’ They could…

  • stab somebody in the temple with a knife
  • cut off a castmember’s leg and cook it over a fire
  • let Rick make out with their wives and then throw him through a window
  • shoot Carl in the face

Of course, we don’t encourage any of this behavior. We at UPROXX believe in a strict hover hand policy when it comes to all celebrities. Look, but don’t touch! Or bite, you crazy people.

(via TV Guide & CinemaBlend)