Cersei Lannister’s New Wardrobe Holds Some Keys On What To Expect In Her Future On ‘Game Of Thrones’

WARNING: Post could contain spoilers for Sunday’s finale for Game Of Thrones. So get out now before you’re burnt alive by the fiery takes.

When it comes to master strokes, Cersei Lannister has taken the cake. Walter White once held that title with his execution of Mike Ehrmantraut’s guys in prison — with a little help from Todd’s Uncle Jack — but it would seem that Cersei wins out just on the sheer magnitude of the whole thing. Blowing up Gus Fring and eliminating all the people in prison holds little water compared to the elimination of an entire cult.

The smile on Cersei’s face and the cold aura she gives off when she takes the Iron Throne should give off a little inkling for what to expect, but her clothing choices are telling that story too. In a Vanity Fair look at the return of Emmy winning costume designer Michele Clapton to the show, we get a little window inside the choices made with the clothing. There’s plenty of connection to other characters in Westeros, dead and alive, which might symbol Cersei’s attitudes and foreshadow her ends:

“I knew it had to be leather and I knew it had to be linked to [Cersei’s father] Tywin,” Clapton said of the design. “I wanted a distinct, strong silhouette, so I squared her shoulders. I also wanted the dress to skim her ankles, so that you could see her feet—again, strength.”

“The silver shoulders are decorated in a similar manner to Jaime’s gold hand—the one person that she still has something with,” Clapton explained, noting that every detail of the dress represents something. “There is no ‘decoration’ to Cersei.”

I believe we know she’s got Tywin’s personality down fairly well, but could she end up with his fate in the end? It’s been proven before that there’s only so much a blood relative can take when their family goes too far. Tyrion taught his father a lesson, so could it be the same for Cersei? Or maybe her other brother / lover will end up being the one to do the deed. We’ve seen how much the Kingslayer name affects Jaime in the past, but he’s seen it as the right thing to do in the end. Could it be the same way once again with “Mad” Cersei?

There’s a bit to support the claims of madness too. The color of her outfit apparently carries a story with it that might explain the lengths she would go compared to those who came before:

“Black was the obvious choice,” Clapton said. “Yes, it is for mourning her children, her father . . . but it’s more than that. To me, it represents a deadness inside her—the overwhelming desire for power at any cost. The multi-layered effect created by mounting the leather onto silver brocade gives a more complex feeling, implying that nothing achieved is ever simple.”

Even the metallic adornments were chosen to reflect this deadness inside Cersei—“because there is a coolness/ sharpness to it.”

Look, I’ll be the first to say I’m going out on a limb here. It’s the fun part about speculation aside from the moments when people take it too seriously. But I think it’s safe to say that Cersei has truly become someone that will need to be dealt with before the overriding threat from the North engulfs everything else. The entire look, feel, and reaction to her ascent drives it home and leaves only the conclusion to speculate over…in my opinion.

(Via Vanity Fair)