A Comedy Troupe Brought ‘Seinfeld’ Back For One More Episode (Kind Of!)

Good news for Seinfeld fans who can’t wait for the sitcom’s June 24 Hulu arrival: The Upright Citizens Brigade team called Bellevue performed their own damn episode. “The Leaning Susan” features dead-on impersonations of your favorite Seinfeld characters in a brand new story.

The full-length episode starts with Jerry’s routine stand-up comedy intro and includes all the familiar tropes. The special Cosmo Kramer entrance appears even more athletic than usual, and 1990s commercials help set the mood. The story features the return of Susan Ross, George’s dreaded fiancee; (who famously died while licking envelopes). Susan’s going nowhere, which sounds about right.

Dru Johnson, who plays George, told the Daily Dot how they planned the episode: “We knew it had to be slightly off. Otherwise, we’re just writing a spec script. And we wanted to bring Susan back. So, we thought if we have her come back, but treat it exactly the way Seinfeld would treat it, we can make it work.” Cathryn Mudon was excited to finally put her Elaine impersonation to use: “I was always trying to weasel in an Elaine sketch.”

“The Leaning Susan” isn’t a real Seinfeld episode, but it is more fun than the show’s finale.

(via Daily Dot & UCB Comedy)