A Not-So-Subtle ‘Seinfeld’ Fan Just Trolled ‘Ask Amy’ By Seeking Advice For A Classic Plot

If we’re talking about classic episodes of Seinfeld, season three’s “The Boyfriend” is high up there. The two-part episode features a top-notch performance from Mets first baseman Keith Hernandez as himself and has one of the more memorable scenes in the history of the show when Kramer and Newman recreate their loogie incident at a Mets game in a spoof of Oliver Stone’s movie JFK.

It might be a little old, but the episodes are well known, have sparked some minor cultural references, and ensured that Keith Hernandez will always have something shouted at him before Mets games. So that’s why it’s a little odd that Amy Dickinson, aka Ask Amy, got fooled so hard by one Seinfeld fan.

The fan wrote in with a question that explored the entire plot of the episode and Amy provided a serious answer. She’s wrong, of course, because we do hear from Keith Hernandez again — both on the show and in real life. He comes back for the finale and was hanging out with Jerry Seinfeld at one of the many Mets games the comedian has been to in the years since the episode ended — even the horrible ones.

It’s a fine little troll job and an excuse to look back on an even finer episode of the series. Which is streaming on Hulu, Amy. Take a look. How can we trust your advice if you’re not willing to know everything about pop culture and life in general? Crack a book, hit the TV.

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