Seriously. Look at This Dog.

Welcome to today’s links. The dashing mustache puppy got his top hat and monocle from F Yeah Dementia.

Week in Review. Don’t worry, there’s a lot more pop culture stuff than tsunami news. [UPROXX]

The Dugout: Minnesota Twins. 95% of all my baseball knowledge comes from The Dugout. It’s how I know that JIM THOME is on the Twins and that Bill Pecota is a supernatural baseball spirit. [With Leather]

FRIDAY, FRIDAY, GOTTA GET DOWN ON *shoots self* A surprisingly well-made mash-up of Friday and “Friday.” This video is actually the first time I’ve listened to the entire song. [FilmDrunk] (GIF via)

Guiltiest Dog Ever. If this video doesn’t make you laugh, you’re coming to the wrong blog for TV news. [Gamma Squad]

March Madness and Your Job: Can They Coexist? Answer: Yes, as long as your boss is cool with you not doing your job as you drink at work. [Smoking Section]

I don’t care about your wedding. Sex and fantasy football advice from someone who’s at least mediocre at one of those things. [KSK]

Biggest. Upgrade. Ever. Olivia Munn filled in for Kathie Lee Gifford on “The Today Show” yesterday by wearing a sexy green dress and getting drunk. You should probably take back anything bad you’ve said about her. [TV Squad]

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