Seth Meyers Is Flummoxed And Fascinated By Donald Trump’s ‘Revenge Tour’ Of The States He Lost In 2020

Given the number of people and organizations actively investigating Donald Trump for all sorts of criminal shenanigans, you’d think whatever part of his brain is able to concentrate would be focused on one thing: his many, many legal issues. But you would be wrong. Nope, as Seth Meyers reported on Thursday, Trump is currently pouring the bulk of his energy into attempting to seed the states he lost in the 2020 presidential election with as many MAGA candidates as possible. (Presumably with the idea that if and when he does run again, having “his” people in office will make it that much easier for him to get things done the way he wants to do them.)

All this is why, according to Meyers, Trump is currently visiting many of the states that voted against him in the 2020 presidential election—a.k.a. “Revenge States,” like Arizona—with the hope of swaying them to his way of thinking by endorsing Big Lie-believers and seeing them put in high-up positions.

“I’m sorry, Arizona is a ‘revenge state’ for him?” Meyers wanted to know. “What are you gonna do, make us live there? Oh, sure, it’s sunny and beautiful, but just try and order a pizza after 9 p.m.”

The mere idea that a former president would cite a state as a “revenge state” has Meyers both terrified and a little bit curious:

Nothing says ‘divider’ instead of ‘uniter’ more than a former president with a ‘revenge’ state. You lost an election. Stop acting like Liam Neeson threatening to get his daughter back…

Seriously, why does Donald Trump have a revenge state? Is this the first time a former president has gone on a ‘revenge tour’ after leaving office? Usually ex-presidents retire to a quiet life of paid speaking gigs and celebrity golf tournaments. I don’t remember William Howard Taft going from town to town, looking for anyone who didn’t vote for him in 1912 so he could kick them in the dick. ‘Hey, you with the Woodrow Wilson button! I’m gonna fight you! I just need to squeeze out of this bathtub first!’

Only time will tell what Trump’s revenge tour is all about, and—most importantly—whether it’s successful.