Seth Meyers Isn’t Buying Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Reason For Refusing To Say Whether She’s Been Vaccinated

Marjorie Taylor Greene is… a complicated woman. When she’s not busy taunting AOC or losing money while fundraising alongside accused sex trafficker Matt Gaetz, she can most often be found giving elaborate and ridiculously incorrect answers to simple yes-or-no questions. Particularly if she can find a way to work in a comparison to the Holocaust (which she only recently, at the tender age of 47, seems to have learned about). So Late Night host Seth Meyers was hardly surprised that, when Greene was asked whether she had been vaccinated, her answer (or non-answer) was, well, wrong.

“On Tuesday,” Meyers explained, “Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene was asked by a reporter if she had personally been vaccinated, given that she continues to lie and spread dangerous information about COVID vaccines.”

The reporter—who pointed out that fellow vaccine holdouts like Steve Scalise were now touting the vaccine as safe and effective—asked a pointed question: Have you been vaccinated? Greene’s response was as exhausting as expected: “[Your] question is a violation of my HIPAA rights. You see with HIPAA rights, we don’t have to reveal our medical records and that also involves our vaccine records.” Meyers, of course, was quick to correct yet another lie coming out of Greene’s mouth:

“That’s not a thing. A reporter asking you if you’ve been vaccinated doesn’t violate your HIPAA rights any more than a neighbor needs a warrant to enter your house for a barbecue. HIPAA establishes national standards to protect your medical records. It doesn’t stop journalists from asking questions.”

But Meyers didn’t stop there in his takedown of Greene’s worldview, or understanding or acronyms in general.

“She probably also thinks Miranda rights means she doesn’t have to visit her friends in Manhattan anymore after she moves to Brooklyn with Steve,” Meyers, who is clearly a Charlotte, added, along with his best impression of Steve from Sex and the City. “I doubt she even knows what HIPAA is or what it stands for. She probably doesn’t even know it’s an acronym. ‘Asking me if I’ve been vaccinated violates my HIPAA rights, and asking me if I’ve been to the zoo violates my HIPPO rights, and asking me if any of my siblings are royalty violates my PIPPA rights.”

You can watch the full segment above, which begins around the 9:10 mark.