Seth Meyers Once Walked In On Mike Shoemaker Wearing Nothing But An Optimus Prime Mask

New York Comic-Con 2015 - Day 2
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Life is better when your friends are funny, and that must mean that Seth Meyers is having the best life ever. The former Saturday Night Live cast member/head writer/Weekend Update anchor is on a major hot streak with Late Night with Seth Meyers, IFC’s Documentary Now!, and Hulu’s The Awesomes. This past weekend, he stopped by New York Comic Con’s SiriusXM booth to talk all of these projects and about how much fun he’s having.

Yeah, that seems like it. It doesn’t look like he’s promoting anything in particular, he was just there for a conversation that was sure to conjure up unintended but fiery jealousy that Meyers is on a roll doing what he loves to do. For example, how he gets to make a show with a hilarious group of writers who love to watch him mess up:

“I can see their silhouettes, and they just start laughing. They’re so happy that I f*cked up on TV! They should fear me!”

One of those friends-slash-collaborators is Mike Shoemaker, who has been a producer and writer for Saturday Night Live, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and now Late Night with Seth Meyers.

“Mike and I are very close friends to a point where we probably had kept it hidden at SNL for a long time, cause people thought it was weird how good of friends we are. Now we run a show together so we are not hiding it at all. We bicker like a married couple in front of our writers, while they sit in a room with scripts in their hands like kids who wonder if their parents are getting a divorce.”

Parents who mess around with Optimus Prime helmets at work:

“So one day I blew in the office and [Shoemaker] wasn’t there, and I turned around and a naked Optimus Prime was standing in the corner. And to this day I’m so happy I didn’t die from fright, just because that would be the worst final image ever.”

Yes, but what an amazing way to die and what a story to not be able to tell your grandkids!

He also talked about how awesome it is to be friends with Bill Hader, Fred Armisen (“their instincts are great”), and Andy Samberg (“my favorite person”), who have all been a part of Documentary Now! or The Awesomes. And they all get to make things together, those lucky jerks.

What have you and your friends made lately? Nothing? Yeah. Me, too. Time to get cracking so we can all be as cool as Seth Meyers.

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