Seth Meyers Ripped ‘Lethal Dipsh*ts’ Already Claiming That Any Midterm Elections Republicans Lose Are Rigged

We’re still one week out from the midterm elections, meaning we’re at least one week away from hearing which candidates won and lost their races, but MAGA Republicans across the country are already expecting the worst — and laying the groundwork for if and when that happens. Taking a page directly from Donald Trump’s playbook, several unhinged candidates are already calling foul play… but if, and only if, they lose. Seth Meyers already seems exhausted.

On Monday night, the Late Night host dedicated the bulk of his “A Closer Look” segment to the “anxiety-ridden times” we are living through. Especially given the statistical chances that a number of individuals who actually believe that Trump won the 2020 election could soon be in positions that will allow them to have a say over our elections. According to Meyers:

Republicans have made it clear if they win back power they’ll do things like impeach Joe Biden, pass a national abortion ban, and threaten to detonate the economy to force cuts to social security and Medicare. But it’s not just congress where pivotal elections are being held. Pro-Trump election deniers across the country are running for key positions that would allow them to supervise elections in swing states, and some are poised to win.

The Washington Post conducted an exhaustive survey and found that a majority of GOP nominees on the ballots this fall deny or question the 2020 results. And the website FiveThirtyEight found that most of those candidates are likely to win.

Just how bad is it? It’s estimated that 60 percent of American voters are expected to have an election denier on their ballots next week. It’s a startling statistic, and a terrifying one because, as Meyers said, “We simply cannot have a functioning democracy where one party denies the legitimacy of any election they don’t win.”

Unsurprisingly, these win-at-all-costs belief that Republicans can be the only winners, have led to some suspicious and outright dangerous behaviors on the part of some MAGAts who believe they’re on the right side of history. “In Arizona, for example, self-appointed ‘poll watchers’ — some with guns and tactical gear — have been loitering near early voting drop boxes to intimidate voters,” Meyers explained.

Ultimately, Meyers admitted that “It continues to shock me how these guys continue to be both incredibly dangerous menaces and also compete dipsh*ts at the same time. We are living in an era of lethal dipsh*ts!”

You can watch the full segment above.