Rudy Giuliani Never Bothering To Investigate Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims At All Is Amusingly Baffling To Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers has never passed up an opportunity to unleash his Rudy Giuliani impression on the world, so he must have been thrilled to learn about Rudy’s latest gaffe—in which he admitted that, while screaming about rigged elections and voter fraud, he actually had no evidence that any of this was true… because he was too busy to do any due diligence before proclaiming that an American presidential election had been rigged and causing an already fractured country to become even further divided.

On Monday night’s “A Closer Look” segment, Meyers had the following to say about Giuliani’s latest whoopsie:

“We’ve long known from all the court cases, the lack of evidence, and, you know, reality, that the people who keep insisting that there was widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election are unhinged maniacs and liars. But now, thanks to a new court case, we know—from their own words—that they knew what they were saying might not be true. [I]n a newly released deposition, former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani essentially admitted he had no evidence for his voter fraud claims because he didn’t have time to verify them.”

In a clip of Rudy’s deposition, the former New York City mayor says it’s not his job to investigate every single piece of evidence that’s given to him—apparently not even in a circumstance where the security of our nation’s voting system is on the line. Leading Meyers to joke that no, of course Rudy wasn’t responsible for actually looking at the evidence (or lack thereof) of the misinformation he then began spreading whenever and wherever possible, because “that’s what lawyers are for,” Meyers joked, adding:

“Your just the events coordinator for a landscaping company. Oh, Rudy. Rudy, sweet Rudy: That is your job! I mean, it was supposed to be your job. Although, in fairness, Rudy looks less like a guy who would investigate a crime and more like the guy sitting on a park bench who just tells the cops what they’re doing is wrong… And it doesn’t surprise me that he didn’t do any vetting right before his infamous press conference with fellow crazy person Sidney Powell since during that press conference he was sweating like a guy who knew his facts might not be rock solid.”

You can watch the full clip—complete with Meyers’ Rudy impersonation—beginning around the 2:45 mark above.