The 10 Best ‘SNL’ Sketches Seth Meyers Either Wrote Or Starred In

Seth Meyers became SNL‘s head writer in 2006. He’s outlasted the Lonely Island, two presidential elections, and the rise and fall of MacGruber. But now he’s gone — having been replaced by Colin Jost — to host his very own late night show, Late Night with Seth Meyers. I’ve always preferred Meyers as a writer rather than performer (and even then, I think he’s a little too soft for his own good), so I’m hesitant to say he’ll be as successful at the job as Jimmy Fallon, but while putting together this list of Meyers’ finest moments, I was reminded of all the great sketches he either wrote or starred in. Here are 10 of my favorites.

1. Sarah Palin Rap

Tina Fey got all the credit, but it was Meyers who wrote, “I can see Russia from my house.”

2. Lincoln

A pitch-perfect parody of Louie, starring Louis, written by Seth.

3. Peyton Manning United Way

Peyton apparently came to Meyers with the premise of this sketch, and he filled out the rest.

4. Girls Parody

Still waiting for Blerta to actually join the cast. She and Ray could bicker about pain for hours!

5. Jarret’s Room

Jarret’s Room is so, so dumb, but it’s one of the first sketches I fell in love with when I started watching SNL, possibly because it’s every little Jew’s dream to become the next DJ Jonathan Feinstein.

6. Donald Trump’s House of Wings

Remember when Donald Trump was a merely annoying gasbag, not a wheezing pile of toxic hate? “House of Wings” is from the good times. (I get the jingle stuck in my head at least once a week.)

7. Sexy Hermoine

Speaking of things that used to not be awful: here’s Lindsay Lohan’s Breasts as Sexy Hermoine.

8. Darrell’s House

My favorite sketch from last season. Just the kind of experimentation SNL should do more often.

9. Kings of Catchphrase Comedy Tour

What’s the only thing worse than a Boston Red Sox fan? A Boston Red Sox fan who quotes Austin Powers.

10. Stefon’s Farewell

This wedding had EVERYTHING.