One Of Will Forte’s ‘Great Regrets’ Is Failing To Get An Erection For Colin Jost

When Late Night with Seth Meyers isn’t too busy skewering Donald Trump, the program often delves into Saturday Night Live lore whenever Meyers interviews current and former cast members. Like, for example, the host’s debate night chat with Will Forte, who is currently promoting the return of Last Man on Earth on Fox. Hillary Clinton and Trump’s latest news grabs, Forte’s fantastic television comedy, and many other related topics were discussed at length — but none of that mattered once the two SNL alum started telling stories about their escapades.

One, as described by Forte, involved “one of the great regrets of [his] life.” Leaving SNL too early? Staying? Passing on a project that would’ve launched him sooner? Actually, it was that time he couldn’t get it up for current “Weekend Update” co-host Colin Jost:

“There were way too many people, we loaded into one car and Jost was in a situation where he had to sit on my lap. Already he was pretty uncomfortable doing that, and so to make him more [uncomfortable], I decided I was going to try to get an erection while he was sitting on there. It was a 25-minute car ride, and the whole way he just knew I was straining and trying. I was doing whatever I could. I just couldn’t do it.”

This is wonderful. Despite the long-running sketch show’s recent, unexplained cast upheavals, it’s nice to know they can all pile into a single vehicle and increase the claustrophobia with failed, forced erections. God bless America(n television).