Another Major ‘SNL’ Castmember Will Not Return To The Show

Taran Killam talked a bit about why he was leaving Saturday Night Live in a chat with Mike Ryan, but he’s not the only cast member leaving the long running show behind. According to TV Line, Pharoah will depart after six seasons on the show and leave behind a load of fine characters:

Killam will likely be best remembered for his impersonations of Matthew McConaughey, Marco Rubio and Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy. Pharoah, meanwhile, famously channeled the likes of Jay-Z, Will Smith, President Obama and GOP presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson.

There’s no real word on why Pharoah isn’t being brought back for season 42 of the late night staple, but it joins Killam as a shocking turn. It’s especially difficult to wrap around considering all of the characters they played during their tenure, especially Pharoah’s turn as President Obama. You’d have to assume that all of this means we will see a lot more leaning on Kenan Thompson this season and some more Kate McKinnon craziness. Both are welcome.

I will miss Pharoah’s Principal Frye. It’s a simple sketch that always made me chuckle in the later hours of the show. Just one of those little things you’ll realize you’ll miss now that a player isn’t around. Looking forward to where Pharoah goes next.

(Via TV Line)