Seth Rogen And Stephen Colbert Are Your New Favorite Film Critics

Seth Rogen likes to smoke pot. He’s also quite good at it. That means if you’re going to have him on your late night television program, there’s a strong possibility you’ll get a first rate weed gag. (Them’s the rules.) On last night’s edition of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert we were treated to a pretty gawshdarn clever opening segment that played on Rogen’s marijuana enthusiast persona while ending with some classic misdirection that even your ultra-conservative email-forwarding relatives might like.

The 34-year-old Canadian export wasn’t just at the Ed Sullivan Theater for introductory comedy goofz-n-spoofz, mind you. Rogen is currently in promo blitz mode with his new comedy Neighbors 2 now at your local moviehouse and that meant a bit of chat about the movie with Stephen Colbert. Touching on the “Sorority Rising” element of the sequel’s title (“the most unnecessary thing after a colon of all-time”), Rogen addressed both the feminist themes in the motion picture, as well as how institutional sexism has put ridiculous restrictions on sororities.

Back to the sketch comedy yuk-em-ups, Rogen and Colbert also formed a formidable YouTube film critic duo as Gil and Bill Peaches. Sporting some impressive coiffure and insight into Seth Rogen’s raw sexuality, the pair munch loudly on snacks and provide some pushback on Bill Murray playing a bear rather than himself in The Jungle Book. We look forward to seeing the sterling Bill Peaches review of “four railroad spikes, but one spike is golden because of language” on the back of a future Neighbors 2 DVD.