The ‘Shameless’ Season 10 Trailer Confirms The Return Of Mickey Malkovich

Shameless bid farewell to Fiona Gallagher in the last season finale, but it also brought back a returning force of nature to the delight of fans. Naturally, I’m referring to Mickey Malkovich (played by Noel Fisher), Ian’s former lover who just kinda showed up in his prison cell. It wasn’t completely apparent whether Ian was hallucinating or if this was real, but the series staged a Twitter hack that more than suggested that Fisher would return on the heels of Cameron Monaghan declaring that he’d be back for season 10 after all. And from the looks of the Season 10 trailer — and this official Showtime promo photo — they’re both very much present in the new season.


The rest of the trailer dives right into the Shameless brand of chaos. A drunken Frank rolls around in his undies, Carl still has wild, military-brat girlfriend, and Debbie’s attempting to run the household while Liam attempts to educate himself more on Black history. Lip’s still with Tami, apparently, even though she’s a terrible person, and he’s just really, really tired. He’s sorta turning into the weary Brandon Walsh of this series, right? Maybe we’ll see Jeremy Allen White move on from this show in a season or two and onto other projects, just as Emmy Rossum has done.

However, the big question remains … can Ian and Mickey survive each other and rekindle their relationship for good, or will their old troubles surface again? A frustrated Mickey seems to suggest that he’s being dumped, but that’s kinda what these two guys do. They can’t stay away from each other, especially in the same prison cell.

Showtime’s Shameless will return on Sunday, November 3.

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