Watch Hugh Jackman And Shaq Get Stuffed In Phone Booths With A Ton Of Special Guests

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The last time we played this “Phone Booth” trivia game on The Tonight Show, Kevin Spacey took on Jimmy Fallon and ended up being trapped with a wide selection of guest stars, including NBA star Karl-Anthony Towns, Mae Whitman, and Big Bird. It must’ve been a success because it came back tonight with Shaq and Hugh Jackman stepping inside the booth for some trivia.

This time around, we have Alex Trebek guest starring, but one in particular caught my interest. That’d be Mr. Met, or “Mr. Mets” as noted Yankee fan Jimmy Fallon seemed to feel like doing. Either he really didn’t know what the classic mascot’s name was, or he was just being a typical jerk. Mr. Met is a national treasure, and you don’t invite him on your show and then slap him in the face by calling him the wrong name. Next thing you know, Jimmy is going to be hitting on Mrs. Met and attempting to ruin a loving relationship that has already seen many ups and downs. They were lucky to have made it out of the 2007 season intact.

Not cool, Fallon. Not cool at all. I hope George S. Moneybags, the Yankees mascot, falls down a flight of stairs now.

(Via The Tonight Show)

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