‘Something’s Coming’ In The First Trailer For ‘Sherlock’ Season 4

It remains unclear whether Sherlock‘s fourth season will be it’s last, but until that decision is made fans can look forward to next year with optimism instead of dread that this might be the final adventure. Especially now that the first full-length trailer for the upcoming season has dropped at the show’s Comic-Con panel and is filled with the requisite dread and mystery that we’ve come to expect from the series. No, Watson hasn’t returned as a dog this season, but there is the return of big bad Moriarty (or does it?) and the promise that everybody Sherlock knows is under threat by some outside force.

But how is this different than any other season, you may ask? Everybody is usually in danger and will be harmed in some way unless Sherlock solves the case at hand, yes, but even the showrunners are admitting this is the darkest material they’ve ever written and an “emotional rollercoaster.” We’re inclined to believe those claims as every season of the show has gotten more and more intense and dangerous for our favorite crime-stopping duo. Amanda Abbington, who plays Mary on the show, said that “all the characters in Sherlock are flawed, making them compelling and great for all the cast to play” and based on a major clue dropped during the panel, could that quote also apply to a new character potentially being added to the show?

The showrunners said three words related to this season are “Thatcher, Smith, and Sherrinford,” the first two which could mean many things but the last of which has special importance to the Sherlock universe. It’s the fan canon name for Sherlock’s non-canon older brother – which might mean that the show is planning to introduce a third Holmes brother this year. Whatever is coming, dastardly or otherwise, Season 4 promises to be filled with excitement and danger in equal measure.

(via Deadline)