The Latest ‘Twin Peaks’ Trailer Acts As A Crash Course Recap Of The Series Leading To Its Return On Showtime

Managing Editor, Trending

The date to safely binge David Lynch’s weirdly dark and comic Twin Peaks has come and gone, meaning you’ll have to dive in extra hard if you’re looking to catch up with the series before the revival premieres on Showtime next month. There’s also the book that was released, meaning your time would be even more strained if you’re looking to completely submerge yourself in dreams of coffee, pie, and denim-clad evil beings.

Luckily, there is another option for folks just looking for a taste ahead of the new episodes. Showtime released a new trailer that recaps and boils down the entire series into a crash course that should catch you up to date on the story — and the praise that the series garnered over the years. What it misses out on is all the weird charm that came along with Lynch’s look at the town of Twin Peaks. It’s not a bad way to introduce people to what’s going on and why the show offered people reason to stay way back in the early ’90s.

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