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The MTV Video Music Awards were last night, and I guess some people watched it, even though there were several preferable viewing options: an excellent new episode of “Mad Men” (places people smoked: the hospital, an elevator), the season finale of “True Blood” (which sucked, but that’s another story), and a compelling Sunday Night Football game.

But no. We have to talk about the VMAs, because something so wild and unexpected that you’ll believe immediately because it’s not that shocking happened. Taylor Swift won an award for best video by a female performer, and Kanye West interrupted her speech to say that Beyoncé’s video for something else was one of the best videos of all time (see video below). Later, Beyoncé won the award for best overall video — even though it wasn’t the best female video? — and she invited Taylor Swift up onstage to finish her speech and Jesus Christ am I still wasting words on this?

There’s more on the incident here, and if this is the sort of thing you care about, by all means, head on over to Google and type in “Kanye West dickhead” or “Lady Gaga in stupid outfits” or “My unusually soft skull makes me excited by predictable events.”

Banner pic: Getty Images via WWTDD

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