Ukraine Mocks Russia With A ‘Simpsons’ GIF, Proving There’s A ‘Simpsons’ Reference For Every Occasion

Oscar Wilde, in all his wisdom, once wrote, “Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.” That may be true, but what’s undeniable is that life imitates The Simpsons far more than The Simpsons imitates life. Case in point: Ukraine tweeted a mocking Simpsons GIF to Russia, because this is our world in 2017.

CNN reports that the two countries are “sparring over the historical origins of Anna Yaroslavna, an 11th-century figure born in Kievan Rus — then federated territory surrounding Kiev, now the capital of Ukraine — and who went on to become queen of France.” Russian president Vladimir Putin referred to Yaroslavna as “Russian Anne” during a recent press conference, which Ukraine interpreted as a slight (because it was). Ukraine’s official Twitter account fired back by tweeting, “When @Russia says Anne de Kiev established Russia-France relations, let us remind the sequence of events,” with an image of an empty forest in Moscow. How do you say “ya burnt” in Ukrainian?

Russia responded by tweeting “we are proud of our common history,” and that Russia and Ukraine (and Belarus) “share the same historical heritage which should unite our nations, not divide us.” Ukraine wasn’t having it.

That GIF comes from the season nine episode, “Simpson Tide,” where Homer joins the United States Navy Reserve and, due to a mishap involving shooting the captain out of a torpedo tube at an enemy submarine, Russia reveals that it’s been the Soviet Union the entire time and zombie Lenin tries to “crush capitalism,” obviously. And now that scene from a nearly 20-year-old episode is being used by the Ukraine to openly ridicule Russia. Imagine what would happen if they called the French “cheese-eating surrender monkeys.” (Probably World War III, and when the world is reduced to rubble, only The Simpsons will survive.)

(Via CNN)