These Classic ‘Simpsons’ Moments As Upworthy Headlines Will Restore Your Faith In Something Something

Anyone who has spent any time at all on the Internet over the past year has seen those click-bait-y, Upworthy-style headlines spread like weeds. You know the ones: “What Happened When One Little Boy Taught His Dog The Lyrics To ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’? The Answer Might Surprise You,” “This Video Of A Seven-Foot-Tall BASE Jumping Chilean Priest Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity,” “One Nebraska Grandmother Is Waging A War Against Burritos. The Crazy Part? She’s Winning,” and so on and so forth. Heck, you may have even seen variations on this theme on this very website. No one’s hands are clean here. It’s crazy out there.

All of which makes the new Tumblr Upworthy: Springfield even more enjoyable. The site, created by Virgil Texas, takes classic moments from The Simpsons and imagines them with these headlines, which results in the type of magic I have screencapped above. The only real downside in all this is that it’s addictive as hell, and now I can’t stop thinking of new ones.

– This Small-Town Lawyer Is Making Waves In The Courtroom. His Secret? Bourbon.

– Everyone In Town Wanted A Monorail Except One Blue-Haired Woman. She Was Right.

– A Concerned Father Stopped His Son From Attempting A Dangerous Skateboard Stunt. What Happened Next Will Shock You.

Someone help me.

(via Laughing Squid)