These Sitcom Life Hacks Would Absolutely Fail You In Real Life

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While most problems in real-life are solved through open and direct communication — in theory, anyway — TV characters try to use every possible method at their disposal to avoid this approach, instead opting to craft an elaborate life hack or otherwise crazy scheme to try and correct their problems. While this approach usually doesn’t end as well, it has yet to stop any of them from trying. To celebrate some of these uniquely disastrous moments, here’s a look at some of the most notorious sitcom life hacks that would fail you miserably in real life.

Dennis and Dee’s welfare scam – It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Problem: Dennis (Glenn Howerton) and his sister, Dee (Kaitlin Olson), feel unfulfilled by their jobs at Paddy’s Pub and quit. They still need to find a way to support themselves, though.

Solution: First, the two of them sign up for unemployment, only to learn they make more that way than they did working at the bar. Then, they try to move onto welfare under false pretenses, just until they get their careers off the ground.

Why this wouldn’t work in real life: Though they ultimately fail in their effort to live off the public dime with welfare and actually wind up addicted to crack, Dennis and Dee do get to live it up on unemployment for a time after quitting their jobs at the bar. In actuality, quitting your job makes it incredibly hard to secure unemployment benefits. In Pennsylvania, an applicant needs to prove that they had a “necessitous and compelling” reason why they quit their job. Pursuing one’s dreams probably doesn’t qualify.

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