‘SNL’ Brings Back Trump To Give Us A Glimpse Of How Screwed We Are When The Aliens Invade

Entertainment Editor

It seems like Alec Baldwin’s days wearing Saturday Night Live‘s Trump wig are numbered, but he made his SNL return after a few weeks off to show us a glimpse of the near-future — 2018. A bleak future in which the aliens of Zorblat 9 invade, and Donald Trump, the leader of the free world, is there to get humanity off the hook… Or repeat some campaign slogans ad nauseam. That’ll probably work, right?

You would think Trump would be showing off his great, great military, but he can’t. The aliens are laughing at us, and we don’t win anymore. But is that really the fault of the heroic soldiers out there fighting those little green men? What about nukes? Maybe the guy following President Trump around with the nuclear codes was taking selfies with some nearby campaign donors? Wait, is Trump in business with the aliens?

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