The Latest ‘Alien: Covenant’ Trailer Gives Us A Terrifying First Look At The New Xenomorph

As Donald Trump was preparing to take the stage for his joint address to Congress, 20th Century Fox dropped a new look at Alien: Covenant for fans to comb through. While we got a hint of the xenomorphs in the Christmas Day trailer, there’s no hiding the monster this time around. It’s big, fierce, and aiming to chomp down on Danny McBride.

The trailer begins with a slight look at that prologue that was shared last week, introducing us to the crew of the Covenant and informing us that everybody is a couple — also introducing us to James Franco’s captain and his flu bug. There’s a good chance he doesn’t make it through the end of the film, but that’s because of another “bug” that likes to burst out of your chest. Though it’s technically not a bug I guess, they just seem to give off that vibe.

The computer generated xenomorph doesn’t look half bad, but it’s hard to shake the creepy, shadowy practical version that made its mark in the original films. It’s still a lot better than what we got in those Alien Vs. Predator films. Watching the queen alien march around like a dinosaur was nowhere near as cool as what we got from James Cameron in Aliens.

All that aside, this still looks like a fine sequel to both the original Alien franchise and Prometheus. It’s a shame Prometheus doesn’t seem to be getting a proper sequel the way it was initially promised, but this is a fine alternative.

Also is this mysterious cloaked person Michael Fassbender’s David?

(Via 20th Century Fox)