Kate McKinnon Picks A Rap Nickname In The Latest ‘SNL’ Promo With Aziz Ansari And Big Sean

Saturday Night Live came back from its holiday hiatus with a solid episode hosted by Felicity Jones, complete with a cameo by Tina Fey and rapturous performances from Sturgill Simpson. But it’s always the second week back that is a true test for the writers and performers, as they don’t have quite as many ideas pent up from the time off to use in the episode. Good thing this week’s host is Aziz Ansari, with Big Sean joining him as the musical guest. Aziz will probably bring his own hilarious ideas to Studio 8H and Big Sean seems like a sneaky candidate to be gut-wrenchingly funny in a random sketch or two.

The latest promo, which dropped Thursday, features Aziz and Big Sean prepping to host just a few days from now with Kate McKinnon getting ready alongside them. She coins the moniker “Medium Kate” which seems like a great rap nickname…that is until Aziz shuts her down because that’s not how things work. McKinnon might not make it to Saturday at all, seeing as she apparently has a thing with a “specialist” that has to do with her feet? Probably best not to ask for any more specific details there.

Ansari’s episode should be one of the best of the season if he gets the chance to flex his standup muscles. Hey, maybe the monologue will be something other than a song or a cast bit for once! Tune in Saturday night to find out whether Kate McKinnon raps and how many Trump sketches are written about inauguration weekend.