You Likely Know The Type Of Guys Featured In This Chuck E. Cheese’s Parody On ‘SNL’

SNL had more rough spots than classics during Russell Crowe’s hosting stint, leaving something like Pogie Pepperoni’s to stand out from the episode. That doesn’t mean it’s fantastic or ready to live on as a recurring sketch, but it does have some high marks. Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney play the newest employees at Pogie Pepperoni’s — a take off on Chuck E. Cheese’s — and they’re clearly some of the biggest fans in the world. They’re essentially that person who gets a job at a comic shop, video game store, or the local arcade and feels like they’ve hit life’s jackpot. The rest of the world knows it is just a job, but they see it as the Holy Grail of living.

It’s truly a toss up at who you’d want to be in this sketch. Would you want to be the giddy, happy to be alive geeks that are willing to die for a giant rat in a suit — obviously not a rat, but you know who they mean. Or would you rather be Pete Davidson in the suit, beaten down by an endless parade of children and dying for that cigarette break.

The answer here is clearly none of the above. You want to be the owner of the Pogie Pepperoni’s brand, rolling around in all that cash and exploding heads. Your life is awesome.

Also this is a good time to also remember Ass Dan:

RIP, sir. You have some more company now.

(Via SNL)

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