Matt Gaetz Got Skunked During A Britney Spears-Focused ‘SNL’ Cold Open

For much of its current season, Saturday Night Live has featured a politically-themed sketch in its cold open. In recent episodes, however, they’ve managed to do this using Chloe Fineman’s impression of Britney Spears. In its most recent episode, the NBC sketch comedy show brought back Oops, You Did It Again to “shine a light on the social pariahs of the week.”

The sketch started with Lil Nas X, whose “Satan Shoes” have riled up conservatives and caused Nike to step in and prevent the sales of the modified pairs. While Chris Redd doesn’t look very much like the rapper, he was absolutely down to twerk on a guy dressed up like “god” to even things out on the outrage scale.

Next up was Kate McKinnon dressed as a giant skunk, playing a “canceled” Pepe Le Pew. The sketch addresses some recent news that the Looney Toon was taken out of the new Space Jam, yet another example conservatives have given regarding cancel culture.

“Any good basketball film needs a horny skunk. My part was, I see a basketball in a blonde wig and I make love to it for 10-15 minutes before LeBron James says ‘Bro, that’s a basketball,'” Le Pew explained. “Not my finest moment, but the crew loved it.”

The star of the segment, however, was Pete Davidson playing suspected “sex pest” Matt Gaetz. Davidson, who had played New York governor Andrew Cuomo, another politician under fire, on the segment earlier in the year got to play a Family Guy-inspired Gaetz. Gaetz tries hard not to admit any wrongdoing, at one point comparing himself to Le Pew. Who wasn’t having any of it.

“No, I’m a cartoon skunk. You’re a United States congressman,” McKinnon said. “Be better.”