Emma Thompson Brought Tina Fey And Amy Poehler On ‘SNL’ To Translate Mother-Speak

Emma Thompson got to make her maiden voyage hosting SNL this week, a personal (and, you know, really worldwide) milestone that coincided with Mother’s Day Eve. The Oscar-winning actress wouldn’t let the holiday pass un-noticed. So after making a joke about “my beloved husband of 16 years, Keenan Thompson,” she noted that her actual daughter was in attendance that evening. So she decided to send her a message.

“I’d just like to say: sorry. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry,” Thompson told her daughter on national television.

Thompson said that mothers often don’t say what they mean. They speak in code and need to be deciphered. So she decided to do a “little language lesson” to help kids understand their mothers — with a little help from fellow mothers, SNL alumni, and Wine Country talent Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

The three went covered a lot of ground. For instance, when your mother says she wants to spend Mother’s Day relaxing in the backyard, what she really means is: “How does on buy weed?”

Mothers can be mean, which is why, according to the opening monologue’s trifecta, “You look tired” means “You look bad.”

And when she says they should steer clear of politics? That is “Don’t ruin Joe Biden for me.”

They ended on a bittersweet note: When mothers yell at you, what they’re really saying is “I love you,” at which point all three funny women rattled off their kids’ names, one-by-one.