Donald Trump Appoints Walter White From ‘Breaking Bad’ To Be Head Of The DEA On ‘SNL’

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12.10.16 7 Comments

Saturday Night Live went back to the Donald Trump mockery well yet again during this week’s episode, but thankfully it wasn’t just another cold open featuring Alec Baldwin’s Trump impression. It’s been a string of Trump-themed opening sketches in the weeks since the election, and the show’s audience has possibly begun to agree with the President Elect himself that Baldwin’s performance isn’t exactly gut-wrenchingly funny and it might be better to retire it at this point, for a variety of reasons.

So during this week’s cold open, the show broadened its Trump humor a bit and took aim at his latest tendency to appoint all of the wrong people to each Cabinet position. Coming off the latest decision to nominate Rex Tillerson of Exxon as Secretary of State despite his complete lack of diplomatic experience, there almost can’t be an addition to the Trump administration that seems too out there for people to believe. Which makes the opening sketch of this week’s episode seem a little close to home as Kellyanne Conway is left to defend Trump’s choices to CNN and then announce his latest pick for a major agency boss: Walter White as the head of the DEA.

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