‘SNL’ Gives Junkies A Reason To Get Up And Live In The Morning With ‘Heroin AM’

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04.17.16 3 Comments

Parts of America are facing an epidemic with drug use and abuse, especially when it comes to narcotics and heroin. The use of heroin has increased more than 60% in 11 years according to Time and it’s been a topic on the campaign trail for nearly every presidential candidate. So when SNL gets the chance to highlight this through comedy, they choose a familiar route: the fake ad.

For “Heroin AM,” the junkie’s drug of choice gets a pharmaceutical makeover that makes you think of Dayquil or other over the counter drugs we’re used to seeing on television. Everyday heroin is a bit too much for a user to manage through his or her day, causing trouble when they’re trying to drive a school bus or coach their kid’s soccer game. So with Heroin AM, some extra ingredients come into play that allow our addicts to make it through their day while still enjoying their high.

Sure, you might end up seeing the other members of your family as bloodthirsty sea monsters and you might believe that bugs are crawling under your skin in an attempt to feed on your vital organs. This is normal, though, plus the package is so colorful and alluring.

Certainly one of the better “fake ads” we’ve seen on recent episodes of SNL, even if it is a little dark. And some of us don’t need drugs for this to happen:

(Via SNL)

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