Kyle Mooney Tries To Get To The Bottom Of Rock Vs Rap On ‘SNL’ By Asking New Yorkers For Their Take

Kyle Mooney’s goateed aggro-bro Chris Fitzpatrick has made his triumphant and questionably edited return to Saturday Night Live to ask the most important question there is in 2018: Rock or rap?

Appearing at the tail end of last night’s Sterling K. Brown hosted episode, Fitzpatrick’s reemergence featured the character’s trademark weakness for unnecessary action scenes, incompetent video production skills and talking points that tumble into coded racism all mixed with a man on the street report on which genre of music is better. To get his answer, Mooney’s character hit the streets of New York to ask regular people for their opinion whiling interpreting the data in his own unique way.

“Rock music was invented by Elvis Presley,” declares Fitzpatrick in his less-than-researched “history lesson” on rock n roll. “It was made for all colors of people, but good rock music only started more recently.”

Does Fitzpatrick get the answer he seeks? Kind of, but really this digital short is all about average folks giving reasonable repsonses and our video journalist not really being equipped for the challenge. It’s funny, occasionally uncomfortable and stinks of energy drinks and bummed smokes. There’s even the glimmer of “hope” this investigation could birth a new era for the Family Values Tour.

Next week’s edition of Saturday Night Live features Bill Hader returning to Studio 8H along with frequent guests Arcade Fire.