‘SNL’ Is Bringing All 45 Seasons Of Its Run To Peacock

Back in July, NBC Universal entered the increasingly cluttered streaming wars, bringing the corporation’s vast and varied catalogue to homes nationwide. Not everything they own — and they own a lot, from TV and movie classics to more modern fare like The Office — was made available right away. As per Entertainment Weekly, one of their biggest titles will finally be hitting their services: all 45 seasons of Saturday Night Live.

That’s a biggie, as the sketch show’s long and storied history hasn’t always been available in full. Hulu has only had Seasons 1 through 5 and 30 through 45 for years (and it still does). That means that while you’ve been able to watch episodes with Chevy Chase and Jane Curtin and John Belushi, you haven’t been to able to the ones with such luminaries as Eddie Murphy, Phil Hartman, even Robert Downey Jr., who appeared on a single, not-very-well-received season from 1985 to 1986. (You can, however, see the notorious episode hosted by Milton Berle, who was famously difficult and was paired, weirdly, with free jazz legend Ornette Coleman as the musical guest.)

SNL’s full catalogue will be made available on October 1, two days before its Season 46 premiere, which will be hosted by show vet Chris Rock. That airs October 3. In the meantime, feel free to continue streaming all 69 episodes of Columbo.

(Via EW)