Saoirse Ronan Creates A Catchy Jingle To Help Everyone Pronounce Her Name On ‘SNL’

12.03.17 6 months ago

Lady Bird is gaining buzz from filmgoers as one of the must-see movies this year. In fact, by the time awards season wraps up, there’s a very good chance that her performance will garner multiple gold statues. Yes, you’re going to hear the name Saoirse Ronan quite a bit in the coming months, but right now, she’s not that much of a household name, even if she’s hosting Saturday Night Live.

So, SNL did what they needed to do. For her monologue, Saoirse Ronan and a rotating collection of cast members joined in for a catchy little jingle all about how to pronounce Ronan’s name.

For as catchy as the tune is, it’s still pretty convoluted and confusing, but just remember the “inertia” rhyme. That will help. For those who need it, here’s the full ditty:

It’s Saoirse with an “er”
Not Saoirse with an “R”
Because Saoirse with an “R” goes “arr” not “er”
It’s “shh” instead of “sss”
“Uh” instead of “E”
Simple as can be
See, Saoirse!

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