‘SNL’ Scorecard: Chris Hemsworth Works Surprisingly Well With A Live Chicken

Chris Hemsworth SNL

When it was first announced Chris Hemsworth would be hosting Saturday Night Live, like with any first time host, I couldn’t help but think, Huh, I wonder what that will be like? Not once did I imagine Hemsworth acting alongside a live chicken. What a world! And you know what? Chris Hemsworth turned out to be a pretty great SNL host. Who knew? Here is your Thor-packed scorecard…

Sketch of the Night

“Spaceship” (Hemsworth, Strong, Thompson, Zamata) Chris Hemsworth endeared himself to the hearts of many by appearing alongside a live chicken and trying to garner a good performance from that chicken. I wonder what that chicken was thinking. What a weird day it must have had! One minute, it’s on a farm; the next, it’s on the eighth floor of a skyscraper. I’m sure what that chicken was actually saying was something along the lines of “Where am I? What am I doing here? Wait, is that Chris Hemsworth?”

Score: 8.5

The Good

“Reality House” (Hensworth, Bennett, Mooney, Killam) This is one of the best deconstructions of reality television I’ve seen in a long time. Every beat was perfect – particularly the talking head shots of everyone just repeating dialogue we’d just seen. My only complaint is that Bennett and Mooney were doing their Bennett and Mooney voices and this is becoming kind of a crutch of theirs when they work together and I wish they’d not do it all the time. (To be fair, it’s more like 85 percent of the time, but it’s too much.)

Score: 8.0

“Weekend Update” (Jost, Che, Jones, Strong) First, it was fun to watch Jost and Che pull the knives out over Ben Carson and I wish they’d do that more often. And they both seemed to be having a fun while doing it, something that’s been missing from “Update” this season. Speaking of fun: Colin Jost screwing up by saying “36 inch penis” was his best moment on the show because (A) he played it off pretty perfectly and (B) his personality was on display and that’s a good thing! Strong’s “Girl at a party” was good as always, but, boy, it’s tough to be on the same “Update” has Leslie Jones because Leslie Jones is just an unstoppable force and nothing is getting in her way.

Score: 8.0

“Avengers News Report” (Hemsworth, Killam, Bennett, Davidson, Pharoah) This was great on a few levels — as a city lays destroyed, Thor is dancing to celebrate his victory — this wound up being a surprisingly poignant statement on superhero movies. (And, my gosh, Pete Davidson’s “I think I ate a guy” line was just perfect timing.)

Score: 7.6

“Empire Promo” (Pharoah, Hemsworth, Zamata, Che, Thompson) I am the only human being on Earth who does not watch Empire and I still laughed at this. I will assume that I would have laughed harder if I were more familiar with the source material, so I know this is probably being undervalued. (I probably should start watching Empire.)

Score: 7.0

“American Express Ad” (Hemsworth) This may have been a little too (A) easy and (B) too on the nose, but whatever. If nothing else, it set the tone that Hemsworth was here to make fun if himself and his “sexy serious guy” persona, even though that’s never really been his persona anyway. If Hemsworth were super serious, there would have been no way he could pull off a character like Thor. He’s always been funny! But here it’s just more obvious.