‘SNL’ Scorecard: Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer Finally Makes Out With Donald Trump

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05.14.17 5 Comments

This Melissa McCarthy-hosted SNL (which, as we learned during the goodnights was her fifth time – it was kind of fun they left that, with Steve Martin showing up, for the end) actually lived up to the high expectations. This often doesn’t happen. And it’s not just because McCarthy was hosting, and it’s not just because everyone wanted to see McCarthy’s Spicer again (which was a given, even besides the point just about everybody in New York saw her riding around down on her motorized podium) – it was that and the fact that this past week was one of the longest registered in human existence. It was pointed out that the Sally Yates testimony wasn’t even a week ago and I didn’t believe it. In any other era of SNL, the Yates hearing would have been the cold open. Now, in the world we live in, it seems like a million years ago. This particular SNL felt like it needed to be some sort of catharsis. We all needed it. It came through.

Here is your Scorecard:

Sketch of the Night

“Sean Spicer Returns” What started like most other Spicer sketches transformed into an auteur’s vision of the Spicer-Trump relationship that ended with the two of them making out. In all likelihood, this was the last time we will see McCarthy’s Spicer. SNL’s season ends next weekend and the odds of Spicer still being press secretary when the show returns in the fall are very low for a whole host of reasons. So, yes, they went for it here and I’m fairly certain they achieved it.

If Trump wasn’t watching live, could you imagine having to be the one to tell him about this?

“What did they say about me on SNL last night?”

“Oh … you know, usual stuff. Oh, yeah, one thing: you made out with Spicer.”

I imagine this is sort of what it was like for Imperial officers to give Darth Vader bad news in The Empire Strikes Back. I’m guessing straws are drawn.

Score: 9.2

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