‘SNL’ Brings A Special Lesson On Lewis And Clark To The Classroom With Very Explicit Results

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05.22.16 3 Comments

When it comes to sketches having a twist ending on SNL’s season finale, you’re not going to find better than the Dead Poets Society parody. But Expedition does come in close behind as a sketch where everything seems a little awry from the very start until finally devolving into exactly what you’d expect: Lewis wanting to bang Clark. But the real joy here is the little bits throughout, like Cecily Strong’s stiff Sacajawea accent, Aidy Bryant’s hyper interested teacher, Pete Davidson seemingly just hanging out in the sketch to watch what happens.

It’s a nice mix of many different things that make for a pretty odd experience to cover that absurd comedy portion of the show. Also Donnie Grande will be the next alias I use when I go to the strip club, no doubt.

You just have to assume that Aidy Bryant’s teacher has seen this troupe before and has decided to spread the joy to her students. How else would such a ragtag group of “actors” enter a school full of children to end up putting on a play about the homosexual curiosities of Meriwether Lewis. Or something like that. I just know that Sacajawea is the worst sex coach on the planet.

(Via SNL)

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