02.09.10 9 years ago 20 Comments

What with yesterday’s orgy of Super Bowl news, I never got around to saying anything about Ashton Kutcher’s performance on “Saturday Night Live” this past weekend. Which is probably for the best, seeing as Ashton Kutcher hosted “Saturday Night Live” this past weekend. In fact, in what I consider a loving attempt to save me from boredom, my DVR only recorded the last 15 minutes or so of the episode, so I only saw part of a Them Crooked Vultures song and the last sketch.

However, I recognize that there are people who did sit through 90 minutes of wanting to punch Ashton Kutcher (more than the usual urge, I mean), so here are what I suspect are two of the highlights: the clever “What Is ‘Burn Notice’?” game show sketch (above), and Andy Samberg as Rahm Emanuel apologizing for using the word “retard” last week (below). I think I like the “Burn Notice” sketch because I’d never watched a single episode until I started writing a TV blog, and only then because two or three people I trusted insisted that I watch it. As for Samberg as Emanuel, well, what can I say? I’m a sucker for furious swearing and retard jokes.

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