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“In this scene, just do what comes naturally.”

Katherine Heigl, the joyless harpy who makes “Grey’s Anatomy” 50% more unwatchable than it already is, will leave the show, according to Us Weekly.  And she’ll be taking her fag-hag buddy T.R. Knight with her.

When Us Weekly asked James Pickens Jr. (a.k.a. Grey‘s Dr. Richard Webber) [a.k.a. Who? -Ed.] on February 7 if Heigl is leaving the medical drama, he said, “Yes, she is.” And he continued, “Wherever Katherine goes, I wish her nothing but the best.”

“Wherever Katherine goes” = starring in movies on Lifetime

Following Heigl, 30, out the door?  Her outspoken BFF, Knight, 35. “He’s going too,” Pickens told Us at the NAACP Awards luncheon in Beverly Hills. “He just wanted to pursue other career paths.”

“He complains to Katherine all the time,” a set source has said of Knight (with Heigl). “The energy on set will be much better when he’s gone.”

Well, these two sound like delightful people to work with.  I can’t believe that the cast and crew hasn’t begged them to stay.  Is there a duo more universally loved and admired than the attractive girl who thinks she’s prettier than she really is and her bitchy gay best friend?

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