So This Is Real, Huh?

09.30.11 8 years ago 18 Comments

This is the sizzle reel for a show called “Who Wants to Date a Comedian?” (Of course, the answe to that is no one. No one wants to date a comedian. They’re insecure, needy, and will make you the butt of their jokes onstage.) There’s no scheduled air date yet, but it’s supposed to debut “soon” on Comedy TV (which is a channel?) and in syndication.

Producer Byron Allen, the man behind the long-running chat show Comics Unleashed, unveiled his plans. “Who Wants to Date a Comedian is the next generation of dating shows,” Allen said. “We have access to the world’s funniest comedians, and this concept allows them to showcase their talent to the fullest. This new show is fresh, bold, entertaining, and hysterically funny.”

We know that the likes of Kyle Cease, Greg Hahn, Rebecca Corry, Adam Hunter, Tom Clark, Michael Gelbart and Marianne Sierk will be featured as potential dates for regular folks. [Laughspin]

I don’t think I’d call Kyle Cease and Greg Hahn “the world’s funniest comedians,” but the reel is nonetheless entertaining, even though this doesn’t look like a real show. It has the look and feel of a “Mad TV” sketch, with the notable exception that there are funny moments.

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