Sofía Vergara Learned A Lot About Smoking And Cocaine While Filming ‘Griselda’

Sofía Vergara took the role of playing drug lord Griselda Blanco seriously. But not I’m-going-to-do-cocaine-for-real seriously.

During Tuesday’s episode of The Tonight Show, the actress discussed starring in Griselda, a Netflix limited series about the woman affectionally known as the Cocaine Godmother. “The character is insane,” she said. “It was a woman that was raising four kids while she was becoming, you know, a monster.”

Vergara also discussed working with director Andrés Baiz. “He was my anchor during the filming because I had never done anything except Gloria Pritchett,” the four-time Emmy nominee said, referring to her character from Modern Family. “I didn’t know anything. He taught me how to smoke. He taught me how to do cocaine. He taught me a lot.” Fallon cut in, “Alright alright hold on hold on” (it can be annoying when he interrupts his guests, but this time was valid).

Vergara continued, “It was amazing because I was 51 years old and I didn’t even know how to, you know, how to light a cigarette. I’ve never done cocaine. So it’s like, it was amazing. It was like, a great experience.”

She caught herself before anyone got the wrong idea about her method acting:


You can watch The Tonight Show clip above. Griselda premieres on Netflix on January 25th.