Someone At ABC Is Really Bad At Social Media

12.31.13 15 Comments


At some point over the weekend, the official Happy Endings Twitter account switched from @HappyEndingsABC to @HappyEndingsVH1 so it could start promoting the hell out of the 57-episode marathon that starts tonight. Before that happened, however, after seven full months of inactivity, it sent out a couple tweets like this one:


Yeah, nope. That’s not how you social media, ABC, as the replies to that tweet make abundantly clear. I mean, I’m sure it’s tempting to sit there and say “Hey, some people really liked that one show about a group of single friends who liked hanging out at bars and drinking, and we have this new show about single people hanging out at a bar and drinking, so maybe…,” but blasting out promotional tweets from the account for a show that was bounced around the schedule and canceled over the objections of the same passionate fans you’re now trying to push a new show onto is … it’s kind of gross. It would be like running into a friend you haven’t seen in a while and having this conversation:

FRIEND: Hey, long time no see. How the hell are you?

YOU: Well, actually, my mom’s been really sick and my dog just died after a long battle with canc-…

FRIEND: Okay watch Mixology byyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Or something like that. Either way, not cool.

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