Someone's Getting Married On 'Archer'

Want to hear something depressing? Archer doesn’t return until 2013. That means we still have to wait many a-month before we get any new Woodhouse shenanigans, oddly sexy Pam come-ons, or the inevitable Dr. Krieger episode. Boo. We’ll be checking out today’s Archer panel during Comic-Con, which will hopefully reveal something about the upcoming season, but here’s one thing about season four to look forward to:

Lifelong bachelorette Malory will be tying the knot, TV Guide Magazine has learned exclusively. “I just [recorded it],” reveals Jessica Walter, who voices the character. “Malory is getting married.” Details on the groom are being kept under wraps, but Walter has a close relationship with the actor playing the role: “My husband, Ron Leibman, is playing my husband!” [Ed note: ADORABLE.] (Via)

I’m sure Sterling will approve of Malory’s decision and wish his new stepfather nothing but the best.

Or…maybe not. Come back, Archer. We miss you.