‘South Park’ Demands To Be Canceled In The Season 22 Teaser

South Park has been on for over 20 years, and now it’s being canceled.

Well, not really, but that’s the message behind the season 22 teaser. The footage-less 15-second clip reads, “America has reached a crossroads. What will we do next?” before the hashtag #CancelSouthPark. It’s presumably a tongue-in-cheek response to Roseanne losing her show over racially insensitive tweets she wrote, or maybe the internet’s habit of “canceling” anyone or anything that could be considered problematic, which is a word that’s been thrown at the Trey Parker and Matt Stone-created animated series over the years. (Not that they mind: the whole point is to make fun of everyone.)

Either way, South Park fans are not taking kindly to the “cancelation” news. “I swear to god you cancel South Park I cancel my life,” one Twitter user wrote, while another, which the official South Park account quote-tweeted, added, “If #cancelsouthpark actually happens how would @ComedyCentral make money? Nobody watches any of their brain dead liberal programming and that crap only exists because it gets funded by SP money. God forbid you reinvest that money into shows similar, but looks like #GetWokeGoBroke.”

Something tells me that guy isn’t a Broad City fan.

South Park returns to Comedy Central on September 26.