‘South Park’ Did Something It’s Never Done Before In The Donald Trump Episode

South Park loves to drop the f-bomb.

The f-word (not to be confused with the other, more offensive f-word) is uttered a staggering 146 times in South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut alone, but Matt Parker and Trey Stone were allowed a lot more freedom for a movie than on the show. In fact, “f*ck” had never been uttered uncensored during an initial airing of South Park on Comedy Central — not even in the Cartman-has-Tourette syndrome episode “Le Petit Tourette” — until this Wednesday.

The episode marked the first time in the show’s 20 seasons that the F-word was not bleeped during an early time-slot showing, according to Comedy Central. Usually, the only time that word is not bleeped is during late-night airings and on Hulu. However, it was said once, uncensored by Mr. Garrison on Wednesday. It was bleeped afterward in the remainder of the episode. (Via)

There was also a stray c-word, but South Park has used that one before (sort of). It’s unclear why Comedy Central allowed “f*ck” to go unbleeped — was it because the episode, which centered around a Giant Douche being elected president, was turned in so late that they didn’t notice? (If I’m remembering correctly, it was censored later in the episode.) Or maybe they realized that, after this week, no one’s top priority is getting offended over a curse word?

Besides, “Oh Jeez” is still way behind the sh*tty record of “It Hits the Fan.”

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)