The ‘South Park’ Teaser For A New National Anthem Will Add Fuel To The Controversial Fire

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On Monday we were treated to the news that South Park’s season 20 premiere would be taking on the most nuclear hot button issue of the day: NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem in protest of police violence against minorities. There are obviously plenty of national news topics that Matt Stone, Trey Parker, and their South Park writers could skewer, eviscerate, and obliterate to kick off this monumental new season, but a quick rundown of your Facebook and Twitter feeds probably proves that Colin Kaepernick’s growing movement is the story that South Park fans desperately need right now.

Stone and Parker have already explained that we shouldn’t get our hopes up for another absurd Donald Trump takedown this season, because “real life is outrunning satire.” But as we saw in Monday’s brief and vague clip, they’re at least taking on polling and voter trends. Will Hillary Clinton’s recent health issues find their way into a last second edit? Anything is possible in a world where the British government can hire Russian terrorists to put an end to the Revolutionary War once and for all. And while a snuke in the snizz might seem a little inappropriate given current headlines, that’s never stopped them before.

Season 20 kicks off on Wednesday, September 14.

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