‘South Park’ Gets A By-The-Numbers Breakdown To Celebrate Season 20

We’re extremely close to the start of season twenty for South Park, which is pretty crazy considering the general lifespan of other animated television series and the controversial nature of the show. Trey Parker and Matt Stone have managed to keep the show chugging along despite everything, and they’ve done it while maintaining a high quality. The show has definitely transformed since those earlier seasons, but the spirit is still there and it’s obvious when you watch this classy video put together in honor of season twenty.

Going by the numbers with South Park is a pretty profane task, but it’s nice to relive some of those good moments back to back. Also, Cartman has taken a lot of dumps over the years. A lot more than I actually figured you’d need to show on a television series.

I will argue that some of those Randy Marsh arrests likely happened in the Bat Dad episode, so the numbers might be a bit skewed for the span of the series. But the rest is great, especially that one gay fish swimming around with Kanye West. It’s easily the best way to get excited for the new season, though you should’ve been excited for it already. There’s a whole lot of subject matter for the show to cover.

(Via South Park)