The New ‘South Park’ Trailer Is Chock Full Of Violent, Fire-Breathing Mayhem

Comedy Central just dropped the new South Park trailer, and from the looks of things, Trey Parker and Matt Stone use this montage to one-up themselves in the NSFW department. There’s blood, blood, and more blood. Lots of fire, destruction, and one scene involving (perhaps) the largest poop in the history of South Park. Parker and Stone gleefully kill off more characters, which is what they’re good at doing. And did I catch a glimpse of Darth Chef in the mix?

Wait a second. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves too fast. Much of this footage comes from previous episodes in a flashback format, which is a bit of a downer. There have been faint buzzings of a crowded production schedule (odd, since Parker and Stone usually work in real time anyway), which led to some previous teaser clips that did not show anything new. This trailer obviously does more, but we’ll see how things play out during the September 18 premiere.

The show last saw Cartman and crew in December, so there’s plenty of pop culture that’s ripe for satirization. Rumor has it that Jared from Subway will make an appearance (oh brother), plus there’s sure to be some Bill Cosby, Donald Trump, and Rachel Dolezal mixed in as well. Should be a bloody good time, as always.