The ‘South Park: Post-COVID’ Special Includes A Future-Cartman Twist That Few People Ever Expected

(South Park: Post-COVID spoilers will be found below.)

The South Park creators have kept busy during the pandemic. They’re doing God’s work while transforming Casa Bonita in a way that no one (anyone who’s ever eaten at a Casa Bonita, that is) ever dreamed possible. And with the South Park: Post-COVID Thanksgiving arrival, Trey Parker and Matt Stone released the first of fourteen upcoming specials to further bolster the growing Paramount+ streaming service.

The special took a ride into the future to show what the world’s really like when the pandemic finally, fully goes away, into a time when Kyle Broflovski, Stan Marsh, and Eric Cartman are full-fledged fortysomethings. They gather in the wake of Kenny actually being killed (those bastards), possibly in his line of work as a medical scientist. The COVID-19 specter looms large in the rear-view mirror, yet one of the bigger surprises of this episode involved the yarmulke-clad Cartman’s apparent conversion to Judaism. This curious development follows his anti-Semitic childhood statements that he often volleyed toward Kyle (Cartman also literally dressed as Adolf Hitler for Halloween), and this makes for an awkward doorstep moment with Cartman’s fam in tow.

South Park Cartman Jewish
Paramount Plus/Comedy Central

Let’s just say that Kyle wasn’t really here for this supposed change of heart and faith. Nor were some people on Twitter thrilled about this Cartman twist and wondered what it really meant, although some people dug the change-up.

And here’s a revisiting of the Future Cartmans that South Park has presented thus far.

South Park: Post-COVID is currently streaming on Paramount+.