The Spanish Language ‘Breaking Bad’ Remake Will Feature A Saul Goodman Late-Night Talk Show

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The majority of the post-Breaking Bad focus has been on AMC’s official spin-off, Better Call Saul, which makes sense for a number of reasons, I suppose: the star is reprising his role as a very popular character from the original, the creative team is at least partially the same, there’s a familiar supporting cast and the possibility of very notable guest spots, etc. If that’s the type of thing you get excited about, you have every reason to be incredibly excited right now. But please don’t let all the talk about familiar faces and shiny cameos take your focus away from the other branch shooting out from the Breaking Bad tree: the Colombian, Spanish-language remake, Metástasis.

We gave you a primer on the show a few months ago (and there’s an extended six-minute preview posted below), but New Republic went a little deeper into things late last week, and they unearthed some new details. Like, for example, the ones in this passage about changes that needed to be made to make the show more relatable to the new audience.

There was, for one, the problem of the RV. Motor homes are very rare in Colombia, hence the old school bus that serves as Walter and Jose’s roving meth lab. And Colombian lawyers don’t market their services with over-the-top TV ads. So, rather than trolling for clients with the tagline “BETTER CALL SAUL,” Saúl Bueno hosts a late-night talk show—“Cuéntele a Saúl”—on which he dishes out legal advice.

So, three things:

  • The Spanish-language Breaking Bad remake will feature a late-night — presumably low-budget, cable access — talk show hosted by the Colombian equivalent of Saul Goodman.
  • The Colombian equivalent of Saul Goodman is named Saúl Bueno.
  • If there’s a God in heaven, Saúl Bueno’s talk show will feature the South American version of Huell as his Ed McMahon.

We are 100% watching this show.

Source: New Republic

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